Victims of Fraud and Identity Theft – Thinking about Cash and Payday Loan Customers

Beware of fraud and fraud alerts for current and past payday loan customers

Let's face it. Every once in a while, ordinary Americans may find themselves in financial trouble. There will always be unexpected or unprepared expenses, such as medical first aid, car repair or air conditioning damage. Yes, there is a way for life to show us the sudden financial dilemma not included in the budget. Maybe the payday is only a week or a month away, and we find ourselves having to resort to payday loans or cash advance lenders. Most financial institutions strongly recommend not recommending these lenders because their interest rates are too high, but they usually have no choice in the face of difficulties.

Unfortunately, these cash advances now have a more dangerous or sinister aspect. These lender customers are now the target of scammer artists.

A few years ago, I also encountered such an emergency and used the necessary cash advances, regardless of interest rates. Of course, sometimes people are in a desperate situation, and these lenders can easily provide loans that would otherwise be unapproved in traditional banks or credit unions. I got a loan and repaid the loan within two months. A few months later, I received a call from a gentleman who claimed that he represented Think Cash Loans. My account was not in good standing and there was actually an unpaid balance. He insisted that I immediately deal with the balance, a total of hundreds of dollars. This person does not know my name, address, social security number and job information. Although I have determined that the debt has been repaid, it has been a convincing and credible practice for one person to last for a minute, which has generated a great degree of suspicion in my mind. I asked him to send me an invoice. He asserts that my account is beyond the scope of written communication and can only be resolved by paying by credit card immediately. I refused to pay and then informed the gentleman that I would have to study my records further to determine if I was supervised.

Later, I searched for the phone number of his call and found that other people also received similar calls from the same number. This was just a scam trying to trick the company's existing and former customers.

Perhaps the most disturbing fact here is that these people do not have enough confidential information. People may wonder how they can access this information. Is this the internal work of lender employees selling customer information? Is this a hacking incident, can a scammer retrieve information about current or past loan customers? In any case, Think Cash Loan needs to study the issue of guarantees, and the buyer needs to be careful! ! Do you know that there are correct programs to handle collections and collection calls?

Unfortunately, a dear friend has become a victim of this scam. Sadly, after someone on the other side of the phone line quoted her social security number, she gave her credit card information, and now the rest is history. Maybe she can argue that this is a fraudulent trade. Maybe she will get all the nine hundred dollars back, maybe she won't. At the same time, there is an unethical liar artist who has her personal and bank information.

This article is by no means intended to ruin the name of the lender or undermine its nature. Instead, it attempts to alert the public to the very deceptive behavior of the scammers using "Think Cash Loans" and other cash advances. Customers, as their next scam target. This is to remind the reader to thoroughly investigate any phone requests for unpaid balances. Regardless of whether the caller insists, spend time contacting the lender and checking the balance and claiming that the balance has been sent to the receiving company. If you have a question, please stop and check. Do not send money by phone unless you are absolutely sure about the payment method on another line. Yes, these people quote your social security number! They sound very legal. They will threaten! Consumers and users are responsible for stopping and checking the source of the call. Contact the loan company in just a few minutes to determine if there is actually an unpaid balance.

The Department of Justice has a wealth of information on various types of scams and scams on its website. It also excels in defining identity theft and identity fraud. They provide examples of scenarios and provide tips on how to protect your identity and how to handle it when your identity is compromised.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of the scam or any scam, please report it to the police immediately and contact the company you claim to represent. You may need to remind your banking institution to cancel the card or account you provided to the fraudster. I highly recommend reading the benefits of credit monitoring for everyone reading this article. Some companies will screen your credits at a reasonable and minimum cost to avoid any inquiries or attempts to open new credit lines. The peace of mind with such a service [sometimes providing up to a million dollars in guarantees] is worth measuring in gold. If your identity security or credit integrity is compromised, the support provided by most reputable credit monitoring services is incalculable.

Please note that there are many unethical people there, the only purpose is to prey on the weak. They will use all the necessary means to get into your wallet. They are evil individuals who have absolutely no conscience. They will steal things from babies and seniors without repenting. Let us be more aware of where they are and take better precautions to protect our assets and identities.


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