Typical payday loan process

What can I get from the typical online payday loan process?

The world of online payday loans can be a daunting and controversial loan for consumers. With all negative publicity and confusing misunderstandings circulating, consumers often don't know if online payday loans are the right financial choice for them and their circumstances.

  The truth is, online payday loans may be just the answer you are looking for! At the very least, the choice of payday loans is always worth studying, especially if you find yourself needing immediate financial relief.

This article aims to eliminate some confusion and illustrate the typical payday loan process. Obviously, different companies have different ways of doing business.

  This article does not in any way represent a complete and accurate process for each payday loan company you find online. It serves only as a general guide to the process and your expectations for a typical, respected payday loan company.

  Always complete a thorough study of any company with which you do business before completing any transactions.

Where am I going?

First, you need to visit the payday loan website. Usually, there are two payday loan sites on the Internet.

1. Payday loan lead website.

o Typically, customers search the payday loan website and encounter a “leadership site” that is considered a payday loan company. The “primary sites” are hosted by companies whose primary goal is to collect information from several potential customers and then sell that information to companies that will review the information further and potentially lend the funds you need. Potential customer sites are usually identified because they do not have a member login section on their home page. You can also find a disclaimer somewhere on the website, the main purpose of which is to generate leads for financial lenders.

2. Real payday loan company website

o Typically, you can identify a true online payday loan site by searching the member's login area. These sites are direct lenders to customers who apply for loans through the company's website. These companies are responsible for processing the application internally and depositing the funds into the client's account after the loan is approved.

General requirements:

Customers should always research any company with which they plan to do business. Once you have determined which company you want to use, you may need to complete a loan application form. Online payday loan companies will have their own general pre-designated requirements that must meet these criteria in order to qualify for a loan. E.g:

o Active direct deposit

  o Established check and/or savings account, allowing unlimited ACH deposits and withdrawals [usually established for three months or longer]

  o Minimum monthly real wage [usually around $1000]

  o 3 months or more of work experience

  o US citizenship

  o Applicant is 18 years of age or older

Online payday loan companies tend to be very clear and straightforward about all the requirements in the loan application. Be sure to read and understand all the terms in full before signing the agreement.

After you have fully and faithfully answered all the questions on the application, you will determine the decision to approve or reject the loan. Different companies rely on different systems when researching applicants. Reasons for rejection may include the following:

o Active “reversal” or bad payment history with other payday loan companies

  o The information on the application does not match [ie – the social security number does not match the name provided on the application]

  o lying on the app

  o Applicants active in any department of the military, the spouse of the applicant or the family of the applicant [the federal law prohibits these individuals from doing business with payday loan organizations]

  o Excessive loan inquiries with multiple payday loan organizations

  o recent bad check or savings account history

  o Current payday loan amount is still outstanding

  o wrong reference or employment contact information

Typical cost:

Once the loan is approved, the funds will be transferred to the client's account. The customer will be notified of the date on which the loan will be fully repaid. If the customer is unable to pay off the payday loan debt on the agreed date, they can request an "extension". These extensions usually require a fee. A full description of the fee and expansion process should be stated in the original loan agreement. The purpose of the extension is to extend the time before the full loan is repaid. Customers are typically assigned a specific number of extensions that can be used during the life of the loan. Once this number is reached, no further extensions can be requested and the full repayment amount will expire.

  Another fee, often referred to as the “NSF Fee”, may occur and should also be explained in the original loan agreement. This fee will be charged when attempting to retrieve the scheduled payment and the customer's bank refuses to attempt to withdraw funds due to insufficient funds. The typical cost of NSF is about $20.

Note: Customers residing in a particular state may or may not be able to use the extension process, depending on the state law governing the acceptable payday loan process. There may be other relevant state laws and different aspects of payday loan services. Customers should always study their specific state payday loan laws and regulations before reaching an online agreement.

Bottom line

Online payday loan Don't have to be a daunting or confusing topic. Responsible customers often find themselves the perfect solution to their tough financial situation. When using this option, the ball is usually placed in the customer's court because all terms, fees, and guidelines for the payday loan process are readily available until any agreement is accepted. The key to successfully completing a payday loan transaction is that the customer has a grasp of the process and predicts how it will proceed.

In addition, when conducting business with an online payday loan company, customers should also look for an internal customer service department. This service can serve as a lifeline for customers who are confused or may have general questions about any aspect of the process.


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