Payday loans: when and when should not apply for a loan

What are payday loans and how are they different from regular loans?

Traditionally, payday loans [also known as cash loans] are issued when people get paid. Allow employees to borrow from the company and they must return it before the next payday.

These loans are easier to obtain than traditional loans from banks. Bank loans require collateral and take a long time to get approval. Modern payday loans are similar in that they are easy to source and can help you get cash quickly in an emergency.

Banks and credit institutions still take a long time to approve loans, and the process is much more complicated and time consuming. It can be useful as long as you use your payday loan wisely. Loans [payday loans or other loans] should only be obtained after checking the finances and ensuring affordable rates. It is also important to understand the time frame of repayment and the fines involved in non-payment.

In summary, before getting a payday loan, you need to ask some important questions:

  • Do you really need one? Can you manage without lending?
  • What is the interest rate charged by the provider?
  • Can you afford to pay off your loan? Have you calculated the exact amount you need to repay?
  • What is the repayment period? Can you repay the loan during this period?
  • What penalties will you face if you are unable to repay the loan?

Capital issues continue to escalate

In today's ever-increasing costs and unfriendly economic environment, people often encounter money that is not surprising. The inflation rate is staggering, pushing up commodity prices; everyday life is becoming more and more difficult.

Hundreds of payday loan providers advertise their rapid approval of payday loans on the Internet, and it's no wonder that stressed customers will find it only attractive to apply for payday loans online. This way of lending has some obvious advantages.


  • They are easy to get. The approval time is usually within a few hours.
  • They are ideal for borrowing emergency cash on weekends, evenings and public holidays.
  • The required documents are only your ID [applicant must be at least 18 years old], bank statement and proof of employment. Therefore, it can be processed without complicated fax and copying.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of the online, applicants can enjoy comfortable and intimate living times in their own home.
  • A bad credit background will not prevent you from approving a payday loan. They are only interested in your current job details.

These are the advantages. They are basically valid for the following people:

  1. Have a stable job and considerable income
  2. Have the confidence and resources to repay the loan within the stipulated time.

However, consumers must pay attention to some traps:

  • They have a very fast [and therefore stressful] repayment schedule – usually within a month.
  • They are associated with unusually high interest rates, usually as high as 400% to 700%
  • Many beautiful words are embedded in the contract that cleverly hides the wording that is not legally understandable.

Applicants may be relieved to avoid financial crises, but they are not aware of the next salary. He must pay off the loan and must pay other regular bills [rent, utility, tuition]. This led to bottlenecks at the end of the month.

Such repayment pressure always causes the harassed applicant to apply for a payday loan again to pay off the previous one! This snowballing effect causes a spiral of financial catastrophe, often requiring professional intervention at some point.

But for those who have a fairly reasonable cash flow, there should be no problem with repayment. The best thing is to sit down and write your debts with pencil and paper, and when you have the ability to repay the loan. Have you completed the mathematical calculation of the current interest rate on payday loans?

in conclusion

When you are experiencing setbacks for a while, they can meet your one-time trading needs. They are suitable for people who want to earn a healthy income at the end of the month. Analyze your cash problem. Really urgent? Or can you use your savings to manage the entire period until the next salary? If you find yourself manageable, please don't apply for one!

Payday loans are not so good for individuals who already have more loans and are unable to pay off their loans. Applying for a loan to pay off another loan is the only way to get into an endless debt cycle.

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