Marcie Haitema and building a thriving payment business

Financial executive Marcie Haitema is not a strong competitor to compete with the prominent artificial intelligence Sentinel machine in Matrix, but she is an active advocate for managing financial risk and leading the development of technology in the banking and financial industries. During his tenure as senior vice president of JP Morgan Chase, Haitema led the Electronic Funds Transfer Service [EFTS] team to undergo cultural change and technological change, driving Chase to be among the best in the Automated Clearing House transaction. Hessma pushes Chase to the forefront of the development of authentication and encryption technologies, enabling it to achieve double-digit revenue growth in the ACH business. Haitema helps banking giants increase their ROE to 248% and efficiency ratios to 61. %, and increased the value added by shareholders [SVA].

In 1997, changes in the ACH rules market heralded a shift in the ACH market, which allowed the conversion of consumer checks into ACH for faster, cheaper clearing and settlement. Previously, no one had tried to convert Check-to-ACH on a large scale, so there were no technologies, operating procedures, marketing activities and sales. In addition, the financial industry does not really understand that the value of the process to customers is to manage the increased risk, rather than reducing the cost of each clearing fee. However, Haitema has developed strategies, marketing activities and operational capabilities to capture the Check-to-ACH market. In 18 months, Chase has won more than 50% of the ACH market by winning the business of customers such as American Express and ARCO. You might say that Haitema leads her staff to understand and truly “own” the business. Then, the pride she instilled in the team became a sales advantage for potential customers. Therefore, once the customer spends time with the actual employees, Chase will not lose new business opportunities.

As a recognized banking expert, Marcie Haitema understands that companies take risks when choosing an ACH provider. Her principle is to do everything possible to ensure that decision makers are not threatened or at great risk. By working to ensure that systems, operations and procedures are properly controlled, Hetmark understands that the only way to build a thriving and thriving payment business is to build on a solid risk understanding, risk reduction, and clear documentation process. Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

After entering an unknown area of ​​electronic financial transactions, Marcie Haitema demonstrated the ability to focus on understanding the complexity of technological advancement. She is indeed one of the smartest stars and thought leaders in the ACH conversion industry.

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