Is a payday loan part of your relationship with money?

Your relationship with money is usually the result of how your parents treat their money. Some young people develop bad habits, but never learn to understand the drawbacks of credit card use. For those seeking help from a local payday loan provider, you may have a side effect of not knowing how credit cards will affect your personal finances.

* Credit cards play a big role in credit scoring. Good management and longevity are two key factors.

– Pay creditors on time.

– Retain a balance less than 30% of the credit limit and transfer the balance to the next month.

– Do not cancel your old account unless absolutely necessary.

– Rotate to use all cards. A small fee will be charged and paid off. Use another card every month to stay active.

It’s not until the time to get rid of a bunch of unpayable debts that these lessons are rarely learned.

*Understanding interest rates. If you do have to make a purchase and you know that you will not be able to pay the full cost, please use the credit card with the lowest interest rate. In the long run, this will save you money.

* Each time you apply for a credit card, the creditor will make a strict enquiry of your credit history. This will leave their calling card so that all other companies that have access to your credit will know. Too many calling cards make you need cash urgently. A hard inquiry will also lower your credit score by one or two points.

* Develop a usage plan. Would you use one card for fuel and another card for food? Do you set a fee limit to maintain revenue at the end of the month?

* If you charge a large or multiple purchase of debt, do not assume the minimum payment capacity.

* Credit challenges cause many personal financial problems.

-Rising interest rates

– More income is used to pay interest, less principal

– Reduced opportunities for banks, credit unions and other creditors to help

– When a funding emergency occurs, there is a greater chance of a payday loan provider or a car ownership lender.

When children see their parents using credit cards on all shopping trips and going to restaurants for dinner, they don't know the money management correctly.

They rarely see actual cash. Family budgets are not often explained, and life within their power is a foreign issue. The explanations that always get what you ask for or never hear from parents why you refuse may not have the best understanding of your child's needs.

Payday loan lenders see many people every day, and some have children next to them. They come to seek quick cash so they can buy groceries, buy gasoline for cars and even pay rent. These are the lessons for some young children.

Whether you are paying for cash, using credit or looking for alternative loans, your child needs to start learning the basics of making money.

We need a younger generation to grow to respect the value of money and have the tools to ensure their financial status as soon as possible. Don't you want your child to have a low interest rate when they really need it? Don't you want their income to meet their basic needs, rather than relying on payday loan providers or credit cards to make a living? from

Start discussing money as soon as possible from

 on. Teach your child the difference between needs and needs. Most importantly, don't forget to include the following:

– If you don't pay the credit card immediately, you will spend money.

– An example of good money choice.

– The relationship between income and lifestyle.

– Bad capital management increases the cost of loans and limits the choice of lenders.

– Examples in real life, showing how they can reverse the dilemma no matter how difficult it is.

Source by Holly Petherbridge

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