Direct payday prepaid lender: questions and answers

Consumers looking for fast cash have realized that payday loans have become a very popular source of loans. These loans are short-term, intended for temporary financial purposes, and are unsecured [meaning they can be loaned without a mortgage]. Each year, through direct payday advance payments, lenders borrow more than $10 billion online and in-store. With thousands of lenders, consumers will not lose money in choosing lending. If you are considering borrowing a temporary microloan such as this, but don't know how the process works, take a few minutes to read some of the most common questions and answers to educate and inform yourself. You start getting payday advances.

How should you know the difference between indirect and direct payday advance payment credits? Direct lenders must be licensed to make loans in the state where you live and meet the state's loan requirements. They will process, fund and service your loan until it is paid off. On the other hand, indirect lenders are not actual lenders, but “middlemen” who lend to direct lenders. After submitting your application, they will receive a commission to find you as a lender. They won't fund your loan and won't deal with them during your loan repayment period. how do you know? Direct lenders will display their license information on their wall or on the website, while indirect lenders should provide a disclaimer indicating that they are not direct lenders.

What is the process of obtaining approval? Most lenders are very easy to apply through the Internet or a quick app in the store. Although lenders usually have loose approval requirements, not everyone will be approved. In most cases, all the conditions that an applicant needs to meet are: verifiable income that meets minimum income requirements, a checking account with direct deposits, and a willingness to repay on the next payday.

If I have filed for bankruptcy, can I still get a payday advance payment? Not all lenders are the same on their loan criteria, but most are not worried about whether the applicant has filed for bankruptcy in the past. Most lenders don't even run a person's credit history. As long as the applicant does not go bankrupt when applying for a loan, there is no need to worry. One of the biggest advantages of obtaining such short-term loans is that bad credit, miscellaneous credit or no credit at all will not actually have any impact on the approval process.

Is the payday loan as expensive as people say? Payday advances may be more economical when cash is required than payment for overdraft fees, late fees and credit card overruns. Most direct lenders charge a fixed fee for every $100 borrowed, and if the loan is not paid off within the agreed timeframe [usually the borrower's next salary], the fee is assessed. The store lender will find the best interest rate before applying for a loan.

What is the difference between online or in-store payday loans? In the past, payday lenders were mainly found at retail locations. However, with the Internet, consumers have dozens of loan options. Thousands of lenders offer online applications that allow someone to apply and become from

Approval and funding from

  Never left their house. When deciding how a person gets a fast cash loan, it all depends on personal preference.

Take the time to research your online and in-store lending options to avoid any confusion about the payroll advancement process.

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