Commercial Litigation Loan: Zero Risk Litigation Fund!

Risk free legal financing. It is very helpful for the plaintiff’s commercial litigation.

Commercial litigation cases are mostly civil infringements, usually initiated by one aggrieved party [individual or business entity] against another business entity. In these types of cases, the so-called damage is usually of a monetary nature.

99% of the plaintiffs involved in commercial litigation did not realize that they could get an advance payment before the case was settled. Commercial litigation funds are also known as commercial litigation loans, commercial legal financing and commercial litigation settlements. But this is not a loan, because you don't have to pay back unless the case wins or is resolved.

These are non-recourse litigation loans or cash advances. It does not have any risk, because if the plaintiff loses, they will accomplish nothing.

When a business is a plaintiff in a commercial litigation, legal proceedings may undermine its financial stability. As you may know, legal procedures usually take years to resolve their litigation. They may have cash needs now and can't wait.

In this case, most companies have no choice but to accept low-cost settlements that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The non-recourse litigation loan provided them with timely assistance.

Cash advances or loans of $100,000 to $10,000,000 can alleviate cash flow problems and allow the company to focus on the business at hand. Commercial litigation loans allow these companies or companies to use the expected settlements in their cases to get the funds they need now.

The pre-litigation settlement process provided them with instant cash, giving them and their lawyers time to negotiate a bigger cash settlement!

Commercial cash advances are based on commercial litigation and how the plaintiff uses it is unrestricted. They can use these funds to:

Pay off debt

2. Maintain or invest in its business expansion.

3. Use this money to pay for fixed and variable costs, such as wages and operating expenses. Funds can also be used to expand the scope of the business, thereby maintaining the confidence of creditors, investors and employees.

4. Balance their personal finances and obligations

In short, because commercial litigation can create an economic burden on them or their business, they don't have to sacrifice their livelihoods.

The advantage of commercial litigation using commercial litigation funds is multiple. The most important of these are:

1. The ability to maintain financial stability in the event that commercial litigation affects the company's cash flow.

2 Commercial litigation loans are not entitled to recourse, so there is no risk. It is the responsibility of the plaintiff company to repay it only if it is settled or won at the trial.

3. The amount of a single case available for commercial litigation loans is almost unlimited, from $50,000 to more than $10 million.

The following are the basic steps for commercial litigation loan financing:

The first step is to fill out an application form and apply for the initial application free of charge. There is no obligation. The plaintiff authorized the lawyer to provide the case information to the underwriter. If approved, the plaintiff will complete the funding agreement and receive cash advances. After successfully solving/deciding the case, the plaintiff will receive a return. If the plaintiff loses the case, the plaintiff will not owe any money to the fund company.

Commercial litigation cases eligible for funding include, but are not limited to:


B. Breach of contract

C. Real estate disputes

D. Conversion

E. Copyright claim

  F. Environmental litigation

G. Patent or copyright infringement and other intellectual property rights

H. Securities Fraud and Shareholder Litigation

Many plaintiffs were forced to settle in advance in a way that was less than they deserved, because they simply could not wait. They have no reason to settle at a price lower than their case value.

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