Buying and selling a house is not the same thing

Explore new ways to save money and protect your home

Homeowners facing buying and selling homes have more choices than in the past. The past has always been the same thing. Buyers will find the home they like and buy it, then mortgage and move into the house. When they go to sell the house, they will find real estate agents who sell the house and charge a 5-7% commission. While these conditions still exist, there are many new ways to buy and sell homes that can really save money!

Doing your own real estate can save money.

Now you can do your own real estate trading, such as or Some companies like Foxtons and Ziprealty offer discount commission structures to save homeowners money.

When it comes to loans, there are new options. It’s no longer just a trip to the bank. You don't have to stay on a loan that is not suitable for you. If it is not the 30-year fixed rate you want, you don't need to fix it.

You can work with an independent mortgage broker and find loans based on your personal parameters, or you can turn to online mortgage companies such as and There are many different loan arrangements to consider, including: pure interest mortgages, adjustable rate loans, no down payment or low down payment mortgages, and mixed mortgages.

Know the type of loan you want in advance

Determine if you need a loan, you need the least amount of cash, low monthly expenses, or design a loan so you can quickly turn your equity into cash.

In today's rising interest rates, variable-rate home loans are not a good thing.

Watch out for those that sound unbelievable.

With the increase in the choice of home purchase and home purchase, the market is now very competitive, which is good for you. However, please do not reserve reservations about unnecessary claims and repairs. Protect your investment and don't let your dream home become a money pit.

How to make this new real estate market good for you?

In most parts of the country, real estate prices have skyrocketed. Although there is a saying that real estate prosperity tends to be stable, it does not. According to data from the Federal Housing Enterprise Office, national housing prices have risen by more than 11%. This is in direct contrast to the 3.6% increase in the consumer price index. The states with slow growth in the real estate market, such as Texas, Indiana, and Ohio, still grew by 4%.

Is it time to buy it?

The real estate market may be as unpredictable as the stock market. If you have the ability to buy a home, you can do so. However, the cost of housing should not exceed 28% to 31% of income, including: taxes, interest, principal and insurance.

If you live in the same house for five to seven years, you can reduce the extra money. Experts say that the longer you stay at home, the more likely you are to recover from any market downturn.

What if the market in your area is sluggish?

Consider selling homes and downsizing. Now, mortgage brokers handle more loans than banks, and you are likely to get a higher loan rate. These people know that you will go around and will lend the loan at the most competitive rate to increase their commission base.

Decide whether you want a real estate agent or a buyer's agent

According to a recent survey by the American Association of Realtors, 90% of homebuyers use real estate agents to help them find homes. Agents only make commissions to sellers when they sell homes, even if they show homes to potential buyers.

  The new trend that has emerged in the past 10 years is the “buyer agent”. These agents act on behalf of the buyer and handle the terms of sales, contract issues and price negotiations.


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