5 days to get rid of debt! Urgent vulnerabilities and techniques

You can use this method if you are in a debt cycle [the amount you pay off each month exceeds your income]. It's not for everyone, but it will change your life, just like making a phone call, sending a letter, insomnia like night and frustration will end.

If you get to this point, you have to take arduous steps to implement many secret techniques, tricks and loopholes to help achieve this goal. The bank does not want to let you know about the vulnerability. Some of you will be able to use some of them, while others can use them, depending on your identity [single, married, shared]. So if you have been considering IVA, debt management, payday loans, bad credit loans, debt consolidation or just debt advice – please read this.

Cancel all debit cards

Cancel all debit cards. why? If you charge a monthly fee and have a payday loan, loan, credit card, etc., this information will contain your card details and can be borrowed at any time without your plan or knowledge. Remember your account. Every month you get a large portion of your payday salary and never leave enough time to get out of the cycle. There has been such an expectation: at the end of the month, then at the ATM or online check, see more than half of the salary a day, and then when other people are in trouble at night, fall into this feeling of frustration?

So please cancel all, report it to your bank, and ask for a fraudulent team [only they have the right to completely stop your account], say your card has been stolen, and someone has your online password and report it [now there is no Company] can debit your account remotely]. Now, on the same day, walk into another bank and open a basic account. It is the lowest account available, literally, you can only deposit and withdraw funds, but not overdraft [they must legally open an account for you, or threaten to find a financial inspector].

Now, put all available cash and arrange your salary into this account every month, which means you will now get 100% of the full amount on the payday.

Contact all creditors

Payday loan company

  Call everyone and tell them that you lost your job and then move back to your parents, who are no longer able to repay the loan. They will know that once they are unemployed, you cannot expect you to pay the full monthly payment. Considering the contingency of becoming a trap for a lender, they will provide a lower amount, or just pay the loan amount without interest. With some simple template letters, you can provide them with a monthly repayment of up to £20, send an extra letter, and prevent them from calling you and calling. Prepare some strategies, such as text/letter/telephone to go to court, and say red letters to the bailiff. These are all used to scare you, and it doesn't mean anything.

credit card

  Recycling costs – dating back 6 years, easy to use, can bring you some cash. Once you receive the refund, withdraw funds from CashMachine and place it in your new account. Then call the card company and tell them the same excuse as the payday loan excuses. Make a repayment plan and shoot in the area for a minimum of £20 a month.

Any other direct debit

  Now, apart from parliamentary taxes/natural gas/electricity, do you really need other services? Call them or send a delivery note with a record for the same reason as above and provide a lower repayment amount

Rental / apartment sharing

  If you are a word, please move. This seems to be extreme, but overall it is a wonderful strategy. Stay in the same area or elsewhere, if you receive dozens of letters, DCA, Marshals, etc., you can use a number of letters to block them [these have been mentioned in previous articles]. However, to get some breathing space, please move, then to the email office, and set up a redirect from the old address to the new address. This means you will receive old mail, but they will not be able to track you to the new address. Obviously, your old address is used in all letters so you can send all your mail to your new address without having to write a new one.

in conclusion-

Notify you of fraud groups in your bank and cancel all debit cards.

With a new account, your salary will arrive and only the basic direct debit will disappear.

Recover credit card fees and deposit the money into your new account

Say and write to all credit card companies and payday loan companies, suspend all accounts, and now in the repayment plan

Move and redirect all posts if needed.

For the first time in the history of paydays, there is a 100% salary, now you can start saving again!

In Part 2, I will show you how to make money quickly and start saving, so you will never return to this situation.

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